1:1 Online Coaching

Individualized, diet culture-free programs designed for wherever you're sweating.

You're not like everyone else. Your exercise program shouldn't be either. Let me create a totally personalized workout program for you designed for wherever you're sweating - whether that's at home, the gym, or a combination of both, and completely free of pressure to change your body size or shape.


Up to 5 workouts per week are delivered via an interactive app that features instructional video for every exercise to keep your form phenomenal. Workouts are fun yet challenging to keep you interested, and are created with your goals, abilities, and preferences in mind.


Plus, experience weekly check-ins from me to hold you accountable, as well as access to my coaching anytime via text - think all your burning health + fitness questions answered ASAP! It's personal training on your own terms. You don't even have to leave your house if you don't want to! That's what I'm talkin' about.

Two Months: $180

Three Months: $250



Megan D.

Kira's training program has been so beneficial during these crazy times! Each workout is an opportunity to focus on myself and what I'm doing during that 30 minute block, outside of everything happening in the world. Her support and check-ins are also greatly appreciated and assist to keep me on track. It's like having a personal trainer with you everyday - every workout and week is different so I don't get bored. Plus she continues to make it challenging so I'm constantly pushing myself and getting stronger!

Cass B.

Kira was recommended to me by a friend and I haven't looked back since contacting her 8 months ago! She tailored my workouts to fit my fitness goals while also remaining manageable in my busy school and work schedule. I love the time I can save by working out at home! This is the first time I've maintained a true fitness schedule in years. Her weekly check-ins and body positive attitude keep me motivated, and my husband has even joined in with me and he's seen some serious improvements as well! Thanks Kira for getting us back into loving fitness! 

Charlene C.

Working out with Kira has been amazing. Over the years I've had many personal trainers and gym programs but I was having a difficult time sticking with them. It's completely different with Kira's personalized programs. I have four 20-25 minute home workouts/week and can maintain a healthy exercise-life balance. Plus she checks-in, helps motivate me to complete my workouts and keeps me accountable on my plan, all through a user-friendly app on my phone! I highly recommend contacting Kira and getting her help to achieve your fitness goals while listening to her body positive values to change your relationship with your own body and love yourself no matter your shape or size.