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1:1 Online Coaching

Individualized, diet culture-free programs designed for wherever you're sweating.

Totally personalized online workout programs  designed for wherever you're moving - whether that's at home, the gym, or a combination of both, and completely free of pressure to change your body size or shape.

Workouts are delivered via an interactive app that features instructional video for every exercise to keep your form phenomenal. Workouts are fun yet challenging to keep you interested, and are created with your unique goals, abilities, and preferences in mind.


Plus, experience weekly check-ins from me for coaching & support - all your burning health + fitness questions answered ASAP! All of the great benefits of personal training, but on an online platform.

Two Months: $190 CAD

Three Months: $260 CAD

Online Coaching: Services

what 1:1 clients say:

Megan D.

Kira's training program has been so beneficial during these crazy times! Each workout is an opportunity to focus on myself and what I'm doing during that 30 minute block, outside of everything happening in the world. Her support and check-ins are also greatly appreciated and assist to keep me on track. It's like having a personal trainer with you everyday - every workout and week is different so I don't get bored. Plus she continues to make it challenging so I'm constantly pushing myself and getting stronger!

Cass B.

Kira was recommended to me by a friend and I haven't looked back since contacting her 8 months ago! She tailored my workouts to fit my fitness goals while also remaining manageable in my busy school and work schedule. I love the time I can save by working out at home! This is the first time I've maintained a true fitness schedule in years. Her weekly check-ins and body positive attitude keep me motivated, and my husband has even joined in with me and he's seen some serious improvements as well! Thanks Kira for getting us back into loving fitness! 

Charlene C.

Working out with Kira has been amazing. Over the years I've had many personal trainers and gym programs but I was having a difficult time sticking with them. It's completely different with Kira's personalized programs. I have four 20-25 minute home workouts/week and can maintain a healthy exercise-life balance. Plus she checks-in, helps motivate me to complete my workouts and keeps me accountable on my plan, all through a user-friendly app on my phone! I highly recommend contacting Kira and getting her help to achieve your fitness goals while listening to her body positive values to change your relationship with your own body and love yourself no matter your shape or size.

1:1 coaching FAQs

How do I receive my workouts?

Your workouts are delivered onto an app called Trainerize. The app has two workout formats we can use: an interval-style format and a self-guided format. The first counts the workout down for you similarly to a workout video: for example, hit "play" and the app will tell you what exercise to do and for how long via a countdown timer, while a video of how the exercise is performed plays at the same time. The self-guided format features a list of exercises with numbers of sets and reps to complete for each, as well as how long to rest for - there is no countdown clock. This is typically best for gym workouts where you are utilizing a lot of different equipment. Interval-style is typically best for at-home workouts. Depending on your situation, we might utilize both throughout your plan.

How many new workouts do I get per week?

You can receive up to 5 new workouts each week, but you let me know at the start how many weekly workouts are realistic for you. I offer suggestions based on exercise history and how long it's been since you were last in a consistent routine. For example, if you haven't done a formal workout in the last several months or more, we will likely start off with much fewer workouts per week and then slowly build up as we move through your program. This results in better program adherence as the workout schedule feels more manageable and realistic for you. As well, as I update your program weekly, we can always adjust your workout frequency depending on what else is going on in your life so you don't feel like you "need" to complete a certain amount each week.

Your two or three month program is valid for that time period, so if you start your 8 week program on Jan 1st,  you will have access to the app and your workouts until Feb 26th. After which, you can renew your program for another month for $65 or start a new plan with all new workouts. There is no limit to how many times you can renew your original program - however you will no longer receive new workouts passed the length of your original plan. For example, if you complete 8 weeks of workouts within a 12 week time period, renewing for another month will result in the addition of new workouts up to week 12. Renewing once more gives you access to those 12 weeks of workouts, but not new ones.

Do I get to keep my program forever?

I'm trying not to, but I still have the desire of weight loss and body changes. Can we still work together?

There is so much unlearning to do when it comes to uncoupling body changes from exercise - it's ok if you aren't there yet! In fact, participating in a movement program that is weight and body neutral can help you achieve a more positive relationship with both exercise and your body, and exercising for performance rather than aesthetics can be a great first step towards this. We do this through the use of "fitness testing" - at the half way point in your program, I get you to perform a few exercises to the best of your ability that are appropriate for your unique goals and fitness level. For example, how many kneeling push ups you can do, with good form, in 45 seconds. We spend the rest of your program working on these "test exercises" then attempt them again at the end of your plan to see how you've improved. This helps my clients to see what their bodies are capable of, rather than what they look like, and gives them increased confidence and self-esteem - regardless if any body changes occur or not. 

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