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I believe balance is best when it comes to health and fitness. For me, this means moving and nourishing my body but also indulging in a glass of red (or three) when the mood strikes! My programs are inclusive with your current lifestyle and work in harmony with it, not against it. I teach women like you how to incorporate fitness into your life without making it become your whole life. Afterall, fitness should be an important part of your life - but not the only part! Let's have some fun too, okay? I have a BSc. in Exercise Science and am a certified personal trainer with CanFitPro.


After having a baby, I wasn't sure how to get back into exercising. Kira built a program around what little free time I have and has done a great job of slowly increasing the difficulty level. There's tons of variety and she helps keep me accountable with regular check-ins. I can feel my strength and endurance returning more and more each week! After 3 months of working together, she has me feeling almost completely back to normal. It feels so good to be back on track!

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Kenora, Ontario, Canada

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