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Hi! I'm Kira Onysko. I know fitness spaces and communities can be difficult places to be in when you've struggled with disordered eating and are trying to heal your relationship with both food & exercise. My programs help you re-introduce fitness back into your life, without making it become your whole life, as well as enjoy all foods again guilt-free.  All of my programs are created with a non-diet and body-neutral approach meaning I will never pressure you to pursue intentional weight loss or other body changes. Instead, we focus on finding joy in movement again and seeing what our bodies can do,

over what they can look like. I have a BSc. in Exercise Science and am a certified personal training specialist with CanFitPro.


After having a baby, I wasn't sure how to get back into exercising. Kira built a program around what little free time I have and has done a great job of slowly increasing the difficulty level. There's tons of variety and she helps keep me accountable with regular check-ins. I can feel my strength and endurance returning more and more each week! After 3 months of working together, she has me feeling almost completely back to normal. It feels so good to be back on track!

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